Litter Free Property.

By contracting with us, you’ll have a litter free property, which will also promote a positive image about your property and business in the community. We use techniques and specific tools that allow us to clean up litter in less time.

Money Savings

We will maintain your lot so its clean and appealing to your guests and customers. Try our daily service and you’ll be saving even more money, since power sweeping won't be needed as often. Not only does a well maintained property add resale value to your buildings and property, but will attract and keep tenants who will take pride in the space they occupy.

Value Added

We will be a second set of eyes watching for vandalism, graffiti, burnt out light bulbs, illegal dumping and property damage. We will note and photograph and email any problems we find, or if imeadiate notification is needed we will do so.

Keep Your Parking Lots Clean

Making a great impression of your business begins the minute your customer pulls into the lot. Maximize your curb appeal by maintaining a clean parking lot. Let us help you project a professional, clean well-kept image and a preferred place to do business.

Benefits of a Maintained Parking Lot

A clean parking lot can reduce liability claims against your business due to damage to customers vehicles and injury claims caused by litter in your lot. Also you will deter the rodent population and reduce pollution.